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CRM Features

Some highlights of RealtySoft CRM include the following:

A Single Dashboard

RealtySoft CRM provides a single visual "dashboard" to review and manage all aspects of your client relationships.

Everything Important in One Place

RealtySoft CRM puts everything together for your clientele — email, tasks, appointments, notes, and documents. No more struggling to remember where you filed that last set of notes!

Categorize For Efficiency

Each file, document, appointment, contact, email or task can be categorized in the way that best serves your business. Separate home buyers from condo buyers, buyers from sellers, pre-sale from post-sale, or any other type of categorization you want.

Accessible Anywhere

Every RealtySoft CRM feature can be accessed online, this ensures that you can always have up-to-date information at your fingertips wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

RealtySoft MyCampaigns enables you to create your own drip marketing campaigns and automatically schedule tasks and broadcast emails to your clients and prospects.

Keep Tabs on Your Prospects and Clients!

RealtySoft CRM's powerful "Activity Log" feature allows you to see exactly what your clients or prospects are up to at any given time. Keep on top of what properties they viewed, the searches they conducted on your website, how many times they logged into your website, and much more.

Easy Searching

All roads lead to the data you want! RealtySoft CRM powers your searches through any type of related document quickly and efficiently. No more lost records or documents.

Multiple Viewpoints

View clients and client information from the viewpoint that works best for you. Organize and view by client, by date, by type of document, category of client, and many other combinations.

File Under

Associate any type of data or document with a client. Simple "file under" the client's name in your contact list. This makes it easy to stay on top of every element of your relationship with the client.

Bottom Line; use RealtySoft CRM to SELL MORE!

Better client and prospect management as well as detailed information and statistics will help you convert more visitors into prospects and more prospects into clients.

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